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Buds and Blooms daycare specializes in daycare for ages 0-5. We provide a loving and safe environment for children to learn, play and grow. We have over 30+ years of experience in providing daycare. We are conveniently located in Traverse City, off Garfield Ave. near the Cherryland Plaza. Please contact us for questions or to find out more about our services and availability!

For more information please call  231-935-4738. 


Appreciation and Peace of Mind
I cannot express the appreciation and peace of mind we had sending our daughter to Mary Jo’s program.  This was our first experience with childcare and I was comfortable immediately!  Our daughter came home happy every day after playing and learning at Mary Jo’s.  A change in jobs meant a change in childcare for us and we will miss and always be grateful for the time our daughter spent there!  Highly Recommend!
Highly Recommend!Traverse City, MI
This daycare is amazing! I started sending my daughter there when we moved to traverse city 2019. I was lucky that she had an opening and somehow I felt that it was god’s way of letting us know we were not alone in here. Mary jo is kind, well educated and beyond wonderful with kids. as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I signed her up there as well. this year my oldest started preschool and they were surprised of how much she knows including her numbers, counting, alphabet and colors in addition to her social development, she is not shy and very outgoing. my kid is thriving in preschool and I owe that to MARY JO. both of my children loves the staff and the environment, feels like family. Mary jo feels like family and I would recommend this daycare to anyone looking for the best child care.
Drew has a few extra medical requirements...
“Mary Jo and Donna take amazing care of my son. Drew has a few extra medical requirements, and he is cared for very well. My son loves going there every morning.”
Donna BarrTraverse City, MI
I was so nervous about sending my first baby to daycare.
I was so nervous about sending my first baby to daycare. I had called many places, and they were either full or I didn’t want to send my kid there! I finally called Mary Jo and told myself that if she was full, I was going to have to quit my job. Sure enough, she had a spot. All three of our kids have gone to Mary Jo’s. I have always been 110% satisfied with their care. I even went to Mary Jo when my son was born for advice on how to get him to sleep! She takes such good care of the kids. It is awesome not having to feel nervous about having your kids in daycare. She teaches them so much! They have all learned their letters, songs, alphabet, etc. I know my oldest daughter even learned state capitals there! Mary Jo is awesome. I am going to miss going there when I don’t have kids there anymore. All of our kids talk about all the fun things they did there and her yummy food, too!! Please feel free to reach out to her for my info if you would want to talk in person and hear how great she is. 🙂
Vicky PTraverse City
I felt very confident, as a first-time mom, leaving my girls with Buds and Blooms
“Twenty-two years ago, my daughter, O’Malley, was Mary Jo’s very first daycare child. Two years later, she took in my second daughter. We still keep in touch and are very much a part of each other’s lives after all these years. I felt very confident, as a first-time mom, leaving my girls with Buds and Blooms.”
Shelly KingTraverse City, MI
The staff at Buds and Blooms is like family to us...
“I couldn’t ask for a better daycare for my daughter. The staff at Buds and Blooms is like family to us. Our daughter looks forward to the days when she goes to “Mary Jo’s house”. Thank you Buds and Blooms for making the transition on being a working mom so easy on both my daughter and mom.
Teresa NicholsTraverse City, MI
Thank you for all your hard work and truly caring for the children, we are forever grateful! 
Dear Mary Jo: Last night we received Lauren’s end of the year testing scores showing her growth from the beginning to end of the 2015-2016 year.   What can I say, you guys have set our daughter up for such success with a huge head start. When we started school her reading was in the 91 percentile, and finished in the 81 percentile, way above average, and way above the district level. Her Math is outstanding she stared in the 78 percentile and ended in the 83 percentile. She knew all her letters, numbers up to 100, how to count by 10’s, 5’s and some 2’s all before she entered Kindergartner.  Her teachers were so pleased with her, and how much she already knew she quickly became a helper. By the end of the year she was taking kids out in the hall to help with reading and math. Brad and I couldn’t give you enough praise.  As a young child, I struggled with reading and hated to read.  Not Lauren since you guys instilled reading at a young age she loves to read, and reads every night before going to bed. Thank you for all your hard work and truly caring for the children, we are forever grateful!
 Sincerely, Teresa NicholsTraverse City, MI
Buds and Blooms is absolutely the best ! Mary Jo and the staff there become like your family.
Buds and Blooms is absolutely the best ! Mary Jo and the staff there become like your family. Without question, I knew that my children were well taken care of and safe every day, which is essential as a working parent. Mary Jo provides a consistent routine and cares enough to have high expectations for the kids. Buds and Blooms provides the professionalism and structure that you expect from a center but the warmth and level of care that you hope for in a home daycare; it really is the best of both worlds. We are truly so thankful to have found Mary Jo !
Amber STraverse City
I am so happy I was referred
“I never once had to worry about the professional care and love my girls received when they were with Mary Jo. Selecting a good daycare can be very stressful. I am so happy I was referred to her and now I refer my friends. My kids are in school now, but have wonderful memories of their time with Mary Jo.”
Jackie ReamerTraverse City, MI
Mary Jo runs this out of her home. She has been running a childcare center for 20+ years. She and her staff are wonderful. She provides meals, snacks, and drinks. She knows what she is doing! She and her staff are very down to earth. It’s also nice to have our kiddo in a center that is smaller, and I feel more flexible. The kids get outdoor time in her backyard, and also occasionally in her regular home upstairs. The child care area is in her basement, but I feel the kiddos get plenty of outdoor time, even in winter. We keep snow pants and boots there. She doesn’t follow the public school calendar, which has been useful to us. There are fewer long stretches of days off. It took me a long time to post something because I wanted to keep her place a secret! But she has a long wait list too apparently, so sorry for those who are looking. We love Mary Jo, Ms. Cheryl, Akaylia, and Teal! Thank you all for working in childcare.
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