Mary Jo runs this out of her home. She has been running a childcare center for 20+ years. She and her staff are wonderful. She provides meals, snacks, and drinks. She knows what she is doing! She and her staff are very down to earth. It’s also nice to have our kiddo in a center that is smaller, and I feel more flexible. The kids get outdoor time in her backyard, and also occasionally in her regular home upstairs. The child care area is in her basement, but I feel the kiddos get plenty of outdoor time, even in winter. We keep snow pants and boots there.

She doesn’t follow the public school calendar, which has been useful to us. There are fewer long stretches of days off.

It took me a long time to post something because I wanted to keep her place a secret! But she has a long wait list too apparently, so sorry for those who are looking.

We love Mary Jo, Ms. Cheryl, Akaylia, and Teal! Thank you all for working in childcare.

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